Thursday, 22 November 2007

I am off tomorrow to Harrogate for Knitting and stitching show. Hopefully will have a good time.
Going with three friends. Managed to mess up the return trains, instead of stopping at Stevenage it goes to Kings Cross. Had a mighty row with GNER but said they cannot do anything, although its their fault as I swear I asked for return to Stevenage - so when we get back will claim back the fares from K.X Grrrrr I am so angry I usually am very thorough and check everything twice!!!
Didn't this time until yesterday pm. Will let you all know what purchases I make.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Just wanted to say welcome to blogland to Annette Morgan see link in my favourite blogs list.

Monday, 5 November 2007

And another - not from original quilt - an odd bit I had over from another project but treated the same way. Note to self - must turn pictures and take better photos!!!! As a bye the bye, went to see Ross Noble with daughters Saturday night - brilliant if you get the chance go see him
I ended up in tears it was so funny. But then again I do have an odd sense of humour.
This piece also needs viewing sideways - from same original quilt wallhanging its A4
This is actually sideways on if you turn your head to a jaunty angle(left) you will see it as meant to be!
This is one of the results from the Annette Morgan workshop mentioned earlier - due to having orrible cough have not felt like doing much. As I am doing a workshop with Isobel Hall at AVG tomorrow , thought I'd better practise with new machine.
This is the new addtion to the family of sewing machines, Janome Jem 720 - really lightweight does free machining like you would not believe also bought small table that just sits around machine. Really pleased ( like I need another machine)